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Here is a fine collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, waltzes, strathspeys and schottisches written by Joe Pancerzewski, Vivian Williams, Frank Ferrel and Jon Hodge. Some of the tunes are sure to become classic "traditional" tunes in another generation.

The book had to happen. By that I mean that there are countless tunes being written in the traditional style of Northeast and Northwestern dancing.

Any musician who plays and loves traditional dance tunes will revel in the tunes found here. Buy it!! (Northern Junket)


It's a collection for a lifetime: Clean, fresh music, no losers. Some tunes are moderately easy, others (particularly Canadian style) rank as finger breakers, but sound great when you get to play them. Fiddlers home in their kitchens, those playing at dances or others doing fancy gigs will all delight in finding new stuff; it's real fiddle, but the usual cliches from Irish, bluegrass or traditional music are missing. Ferrel's gutsy "Steelhead Breakdown" is fun. Williams' "Pint of Whiskey" challenges ears and fingers. Jon Hodge has a smooth "Judges Reel". Pancerzewski breaks your fingers then retrains them in "Curly Creek Reel" -- watch modulations. Vivian moves from 2 flats through 4 flats in "Fiddler on the Loose", "Pinkie's Progress" (4th finger push-ups) and "Beware of Trolls" (G string flats). Excellent strathspeys and airs by Vivian and Frank. Frank's "Doug MacPhee's Trip West" and Vivian's "Eagle's Nest" could have come from Skinners Scottish Violinist. Hornpipes and clogs: Joe's "Brown Eyes" and tricky "Jig Saw" are favorites. Vivian's highlights are "Burnt River" and "Abbotsford Clog". Jigs: more melodic than O'Neill's or Cole's collections, Vivian's "Oyster Shuckers", Joe's "Summer Night" and "Bullfrog", particularly. These are Pacific Northwest fiddlers, writing in our idiom, not borrowed from the south or other commercialized styles. If you don't read music, learn to -- this collection is worth it. I hated to stop playing and start writing. Volume 1? More!! (Victory Review)

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