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S. F. Chapter NARAS members who contributed to the album are Paul Speer (our Seattle area Honorary Governor), Dave Huber, and Vivian Williams.

According to band member Vivian WIlliams, the musical style of the album is "Near-bluegrass; what we like to call 'grassroots country' music". Sure sounds like that to me, too. There's some down home pickin' and fiddlin' here on all eleven cuts, four of which are instrumentals. It's the kind of music that this Big City kid likes to play on a sunny Saturday afternoon right after I Open the windows and pretend to smell the sweetness of fresh mown grass and listen to the song of the stream in the backyard . . . Stuff like Bill Monroe's instrumental composition "Crossin' the Cumberlands"; Delaney Bramblett's "Never Ending Song of Love"; and Patsy Montana's
"I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart". (Grammy Pulse - National Academy of Recording Arts Newsletter)


It's a joy to have this for Victory's 15th Anniversary. Vivian and Phil WIlliams in the late 60's were spearheading much of the folk activity and inspired Victory's beginnings. They continue to be a mainstay with Tall Timber, their Voyger recording effort. Tall Timber has been glued to bluegrass and leans that way here, but they have expanded to swing, cajun and Western. Sue Thompson has a solid, strong vocal style that gets recorded a bit too far back, but she is so clear and accurate, leading the crew to the high yodel note on "Where The Old Red River Flows," and the warmth of "Sparkling Blue Eyes" and "No Hard Times." Phil rotates from bass to the fine mandolin on "Crossin' the Cumberlands" and backs the loose warmth on "Jealous Hearted Me." Barney Munger shines on his "Backfire," and banjo motivates his vocals on "Never Ending Love" and "Mississippi, You're on My Mind." Vivian Williams is a commensurate musician with great fiddle technique, showed in "Reel Medley" and "Backfire" or the Western greak behind Sue's singing. "Kansas City Railroad Blues" makes sure we run out with up-tempo grass. Neil Speer is never too loud. Put this fun in your collection of traditional music. (Chris Lunn, Victory Review)

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