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Allie Crocker Around the World
Black Sheep
Bonnie Kate
Captain Byng
Cottonwood Reel
The Countess of Louden's Reel
Countryman's Reel
Disappointed Coquette
The Drummer
Dunkeld Bridge
Fairy Dance
The Fife Hunt
Flare Up Reel
Golden Rooster
Head-Light Reel
The Honeymoon
Indy's Favorite
Ivy Leaf
Kiley's Reel
Kitty Clyde's Reel
The Ladus
Lady Down
Lady Georgina Russell's Reel
Lady Montgomery's Reel
Let's Be Gay
Massasoit Hornpipe
McDonald's Reel
Miller's Reel
Miss Rattray
Miss Nisbet of Dirleton
Opera Reel
Paddy on the Railroad
Perth Assembly
Primrose Lass
Rakes of Mallow
The Randy Wife of Greenlaw
Small Coals for Nailers


Smith's Reel
Speed the Plough
Spotted Pony
Tarbolton Lodge
Temperance Reel
The Hon. Miss H. Elliot's Reel
Twin Katy's Reel
Walker Street
Wind That Shakes the Barley


Amateur Hornpipe
Blue Bonnet's Hornpipe
Brick-Layers Hornpipe
Cincinnati Hornpipe
Cuckoo's Nest
Danny Flannigan's Clog
Dundee Hornpipe
Durang's Hornpipe
Ferry Bridge Hornpipe
The Firefly
Forester's Hornpipe
Golden Wreath Hornpipe
Golden Eagle Hornpipe
Great Western Clog
Hull's Victory
Jimmy Linn's Hornpipe
Jinrikisha Hornpipe
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Levantine's Barrel
Liverpool Hornpipe
London Hornpipe
Miss Barker's Hornpipe
Morning Fair Hornpipe
Mountain Ranger Hornpipe
Mountain Hornpipe
New Century Hornpipe
Poppy Leaf Hornpipe


President Garfield's Hornpipe
Prince Albert's Hornpipe
Rickett's Hornpipe
Rocket Hornpipe
Sarah Brown
Saratoga Hornpipe
The Steamboat
Sumner's Hornpipe
Wilson's Clog
The Wonder


The Clay Pipe
Davy MacDonald's Jig
Deserts of Tulloch
Fittro's Folly
The Gobby O (Jefferson and Liberty)
Go To The Devil and Shake Yourself
Half 'N Half
Haste to the Wedding
Idlewild Jig
Jackson's Fancy
Johnny's Jig
Joys of Wedlock
Kitty of Coleraine
Larry O'Gaff
Light and Airy
Maggie Brown's Favorite
Miners of Wicklow
New Rigged Ship
The Octopus
Off She Goes
Paddy O'Rafferty
Pivot Brig
The Rout
Smash the Window
Swallow Tail
'Tis Said That Absence Conquers Love



Barney's Goat
Drops of Brandy
I Ha'e a Wife O' My Ain
King Charles' Jig
Moll Roe in the Morning
The Old Dutch Churn
Pin Money Jig
Rocky Road to Dublin
Triple Jig


Caledonian March
Colonel Robertson's March
Going to Boston
Princess Augusta
Road to the Isles
White Cockade


Balen I Karlstad
Donald Cameron's Polka
Grant Lamb's Polka
Heel and Toe Polka
Hop Light Lew
Look at That
Prairie Schottische
Red Fox Waltz
Republic Schottische
Steamboat Waltz
Whistler's Waltz
Will Ye No Come Back Again

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