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Songs, Dance Tunes, and Dances done on the Oregon Trail
by Phil & Vivian Williams
(ISBN 978-0-9883100-0-1)

Sixty songs and dance tune, along with seventeen dances and play party games done on the Oregon Trail (including the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails, collectively the "Overland Trail") and in the early pioneer communities founded by the pioneers in the West. Extensively researched by pioneer music historian, Vivian Williams, and historically accurate. The songs and tunes are set in standard music notation, with words to the songs and suggested chords. There are dance instructions for the dances and play parties. Also featured are quotes from pioneer journals and accounts about the music and dancing, histories of the tunes, and discussions of music and dance. This book can be used by teachers of Oregon Trail history, by presenters of programs of music and dances of the Overland Trail, and by anyone else who just wants to sing a good tune from the past or do a dance or play party from the pioneer era. 151 pages, $25.00.

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Dance Music Collected in the Gold Mining Camp of Warren's Diggins, Idaho in the 1860's
Edited by Vivian Williams
(ISBN 78-0-9631484-9-0)

124 tunes played by the dance band in Warrens, Idaho, consisting of two violins, flute, accordion, and banjo. Typeset from the original manuscript written by Peter Beemer for the band, which has never been published and until now known only to a very few musicians and researchers. The tunes include quadrille setts, longways set dance tunes, mazourkas, polkas, schottisches, varsoviennes, waltzes, quicksteps, and marches. The tunes represent an interesting cross section of the popular dance music of the day. In standard music notation, with suggested chords. History of the manuscript and the band that played dances from it, annotations about the tunes, etc. 112 pages, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches $20.00

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Pioneer Dance Music From The Willamette Valley of Oregon

Produced and Edited by Vivian Williams

65 tunes played from for dances in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, in the 1860s to 1880s by musicians in the Haynes, Shuck, and Adams families, who came to came out to Oregon over the Oregon Trail in the late 1840s and early 1850s, and settled on Chehalem Mountain near Newberg, OR, and their descendants. Many of the family members were musical, and over the years several people contributed tunes to the manuscript. The tunes include quadrilles, waltzes, galops, polkas, schottisches, mazouras, and varsouviennes. Some of the tunes can be found in published sheet music of the era; others may have been original compositions of the contributors. The tunes are typeset from the original manuscript in standard music notation, with suggested chords. It also has the history of the manuscript, photos of the families who made it, and annotations about the tunes. 74 pages, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches $20.00.

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Dance Music From a Fiddler in Cuilhill, Scotland, 1875

Produced and Edited by Vivian Williams

A manuscript of tunes hand written by Mr. Neilson, a fiddler living in Cuilhill, Scotland, and others, in 1875. Unlike the usual collections of tunes from many music publishers, it presents a repertoire of tunes actually used by the musicians who wrote the manscript, from which they played dances and entertainments for their friends and neighbors. Suitable for historians of mid to late 19th century popular dancing and fiddle music in Scotland and musicians in general who are interested in music from this period of history. 120 Tunes in Standard Music Notation, with suggested chords. History of the manuscript and of the Cuilhill region of Scotland, and information about dance music of Scotland in the late nineteenth century, history and annotations about the tunes, etc. Edited and typeset in SCORE from the original hand written manuscript by Vivian Williams. 102 pages, 8.25 X 10.75 inches, soft cover, perfect bound. $20.00

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19th Century Dance Music From the Aurora Colony of Oregon

Produced and Edited by Vivian Williams

The Aurora Colony was a communal society of nearly 600 people, mostly German and Swiss immigrants, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley from 1856 to 1883. It was famous for its brass bands, who won most band contests back then. No one knew that the Colony had an amazing tradition of violin based quadrille bands playing community dances, until Vivian discovered them. There were six violin manuscripts, from which Vivian set 504 tunes played by the quadrille bands in her music engraving program, SCORE, in standard music notation with chord suggestions. This book contains 166 of these tunes. It also identifies the musicians who wrote the manuscripts, composers (when known), the history of the Colony, how the manuscripts were found, photos of the Aurora bands and of pages from the manuscripts, and lots of illustrations. The book is 8 ½" by 11."

The book contains 27 waltzes, 23 polkas, 14 schottisches,5 galops, 11mazurkas, 26 quadrilles, and 9 other dances of the day including marches, a tyrolienne, a redova, a varsouvien, and 2 polonaises. Some of the tunes are relatively easy to play. Most, however, range from medium skill level to very challenging, requiring a good knowledge of the violin. The average old time fiddler of today probably would not have enough skill required by many of the tunes. These stunning manuscripts reflect the advanced musical training of the quadrille violinists, and the wide range of dances done in the Colony. Most of these tunes have not been performed for over 125 years.

This is indeed the “Lost Dance Music of the Victorian era in the pioneer West!

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good tune
Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling
Revised Edition

Produced and Edited by Howard Marshall, Vivian Williams, and Phil Williams

Ninety-eight page book with two Compact Discs containing 52 tracks. This monumental work on master Missouri fiddlers and the fiddle styles found in Missouri was originally issued in 1989 by the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center at the University of Missouri, Columbia, on two LP records and a 64 page book The fiddlers whose stories are featured in the book, and whose fiddling is heard on the CDs, are R. P. Christeson, Bill Eddy, Lyman Enloe, Gene Goforth, Carol Hascall, Vesta Johnson, Dean Johnston, Pete McMahan, Cyril Stinnett, Howe Teague, Charlie Walden, Bob Walsh, and Nile Wilson. The book also has over 40 photographs and illustrations, and music for some of the tunes. This is a "must have" book for anyone interested in traditional fiddling in America. 98 pages, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches, soft cover, perfect binding. $30.00

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by Joe Pancerzewski, edited by Phil & Vivian Williams
(ISBN 0-9631484-3-5)

This book presents19 first-rate tunes, most from a manuscript of tunes collected in Minot, North Dakota in the 1930's by Elvie Osborne. Joe Pancerzewski obtained the manuscript. For this book, the tunes from it were set in a computer music engraving program. Joe's reminiscences about the tunes, the players, and the social setting in which they were performed are included. Many of the tunes come from the playing of first rate fiddlers who stopped by Elvy's barbershop. Elvy's daughter, Mary, who went on to become a noted jazz guitarist, and performed with Paul Whiteman's orchestra, often provided the guitar accompaniment. Elvy wrote some of the more difficult tunes in the manuscript, including Elvy's Schottische, one of the most difficult to play tunes we have run across. A "Mr. Oard," who was writing tunes in the 1880's and was a professional fiddler on the Orpheum Theater circuit, contributed some great tunes, including That Mysterious Reel. A fiddler identified as "Mr. Berdan" (probably musician and publisher Cub Berdan) contributed a great Eb tune, Pleasures of Home Quadrille. Chet Hawley, a professional gambler and fiddler from from Tulsa, Oklahoma, contributed a couple great dance tunes. Some of Joe Pancerzewski's tunes also were in the manuscript, along with some tunes played by the Nelson Brothers, who had the next homestead over from Joe's family homestead near White Earth, N.D., and from whom he learned fiddling and played dances with in North Dakota as a young boy. A nice waltz by Jimmy Hendrickson, a fiddler and cowpuncher born in North Dakota in 1896, and a hoedown by Bill Smith, who came to North Dakota from Cabri, Saskatchewan in 1913 and was in the cattle business, round out the composers and contributors to this amazing vignette of fiddling in North Dakota in the 1930s. The tunes are in "Northern" style, and range from relatively easy to quite challenging. The book also is full of photographs of string bands and players from a prior era. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. $10.00.

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The Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes Series

In the 1970s, Vivian Williams started collecting fiddle tunes written in old time style by fiddlers primarily in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. She published three volumes of these tunes, computer set in standard music notation, containing a total of 451 tunes. This is the largest collection of tunes written by traditional fiddlers in this region every published. The fiddlers who wrote the tunes range from "average" fiddlers to well known master fiddlers. As traditional fiddlers in the Far West primarily come the dance fiddler tradition, most of these tunes are dance tunes. They include hoedowns, reels jigs, polkas, marches, waltzes, two-steps, foxtrots, rags, blues, hambos, airs, strathspeys, clogs, hornpipes, schottisches, Southern style tunes, and bluegrass tunes never before published. Each book in this collection provides a wealth of new tunes for the adventuresome fiddler.

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by Pacific Northwest Fiddle Champions, edited by Vivian Williams
(ISBN 0-9631484-0-0)

A collection of 151 reels, hornpipes, jigs, polkas, waltzes, strathspeys and schottisches written by contemporary oldtime fiddlers Joe Pancerzewski, Vivian Williams, Frank Ferrel and Jon Hodge. This is the first in the series of collections of new fiddle tunes written in oldtime style, collected and edited by Vivian Williams. Some of these tunes already have become a part of the oldtime fiddle repertoire and have been featured in recordings and performances across North America. The tunes are professionally set in standard notation, with suggested chords. A must for fiddlers, mandolinists, and flute players and "tune mavens." 8 1/2 x 11 inches. $10.00

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by Pacific Northwest Composers, edited by Vivian Williams
(ISBN 0-9631484-1-9)

The 141 reels, hornpipes, jigs, waltzes, and other fiddle tunes in oldtime style were collected from 22 fiddler/composers in the Pacific Northwest. The tunes are by Myllie Barron, Bill Boyd, Hank Bradley, Michael Dowers, Paul Elliott, Ellie Fernald, Frank Ferrel, Mark Gaponoff, Paul Gitlitz, Jack Link, Cy Lovell, Arvid Lundin, Berniece Lundin, Keith Malcolm, Bob Montgomery, Joe Pancerzewski, Dan Rubin, Patricia Spaeth, Gordon Tracie, Kurt Vance, Phil Williams, and Vivian Williams. This is the second volume of the "Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes" series. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. $10.00

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by Western American and Canadian Composers, edited by Vivian Williams
(ISBN 0-9631484-2-7)

The third volume of newly-written tunes in old time style, by eighteen composers from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Arizona and California. The pieces range from traditional Irish in style to Franco-Celtic-Klezmer fusion. Composers in this volume are Anita Anderson, Hoss Blackman, Hank Bradley, Barry Brower, Bob Butler, Linda Danielson, Harry Deeley, Michael Dowers, Paul Gitlitz, Leilani Greenley, David Kaetz, Jane Keefer, Kevin Kienlein, Joe Pancerzewski, Otto Smith, Patricia Spaeth, Phil Williams, and Vivian Williams. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. $10.00

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