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CD 316

Vivian Williams & Barbara Lamb - fiddles, Barney Munger - banjo, Phil Williams - mandolin, Dick Marvin - guitar, Lou Harrington - bass.

Leather Britches, Spotted Pony, Tennessee Wagoner, St. Paul Waltz, Mason's Apron, Hell Among the Yearlings, St. Anne's Reel, Twin Sisters, Gärdebylåten, Forked Deer, Cuckoo's Nest, Big Sandy River, Katy Hill-Sally Johnson, Annie Laurie, Fourth of July , Sugar in the Gourd, Dry Creek Reel, Florida Blues

Red hot twin fiddling at its best by two of the country's finest fiddlers. Recorded in 1974 - 75 live and digitally remastered from the original analog recording. Barbara is playing lead, and Vivian, harmony. At the time, Barbara had been Vivian's fiddle student, so they were able to coordinate the version of each tune for maximum punch with flawless harmony. Backed up by the prominent Northwest bluegrass band, Tall Timber.

Sound Clip: Forked Deer MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 336

Vivian Williams - fiddle, Harley Bray - banjo, Phil Williams - guitar

Sarah Brown, Dance All Night With a Bottle in Your Hand, Mountain Time, Winter Moon, Squire Creek, Jean LaTippe, Gobblers Knob, Oregon Trail, Mississippi Sawyer, Pleasures of Home, Ape Cave Blues, Sand Hill, Dance Around Molly, Redstone, Kiss Me Waltz , Chicken under the Washtub, Green Tomato Blues, Cluck Old Hen, Oso, Ryegrass, North Trunk Highway

Fourteen original and seven traditional fiddle tunes performed by three of the Northwest's top oldtime and bluegrass musicians. This production is lively, but mellow. "A masterpiece of progressive old-time music." (Sing Out!) Selected as one of "the very best recordings, to be found anywhere, of 1990" by the Sing Out! reviewer. Fourteen of the tunes were written by Vivian and are published in our Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes books.

Sound Clip: Oregon Trail MP3 MP3(LoFi); Winter Moon MP3 MP3(LoFi); Dance Around Molly MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 359

Vivian Williams - fiddle, Harley Bray - banjo, Phil Williams - mandolin & bass, Shera Bray - guitar

Dance All Night With a Bottle In Your Hand, Glise de Sherbrooke, Old Joe Clark, Chinese Breakdown, Jenny Lind Polka, Tennessee Grey Eagle, Sugar in the Gourd, Sam and Elzie, Beethoven's Favorite Waltz, Cheat or Swing, Redwing, Cock of the North, Leather Britches, Arkansas Traveler, Golden Slippers, Chinky Pin, Sweet Bunch of Daisies, Turkey in the Straw

This is a CD for good old time square dancing, with a couple of waltzes, a jig, and a polka thrown in, just as at a typical Western old time country dance. The fourteen hoedowns are played long enough for most callers. While Williams & Bray have been playing together as a band only since 1985, its members have over forty years experience playing bluegrass and old time dance music. Vivian Williams is one of the West's best known dance fiddlers with many national, international, and regional fiddle championships as well. Her husband, Phil Williams, has been doing these dances ever since he was a small child. While he plays almost anything with strings on it at a dance, here he sticks to mandolin and bass. Harley Bray played banjo in the mid 1950's and early 1960's with The Bray Brothers & Red Cravens, also known as The Bluegrass Gentlemen. Two of the recordings made by this band are still in press as CDs, and still influence present day bluegrassers. He is one of the true masters of bluegrass style banjo. On this recording Harley's wife, Shera Bray, sticks to guitar, but in real life she also plays mandolin and fiddle, and even calls dances! A lot of the tunes on this CD are a part of America's old time dance music heritage. A few are relatively unknown. All of them are played by Williams & Bray at country dances in the Pacific Northwest. So, get on your dancing shoes and let's all have a good old fashioned hoedown!

Sound Clips: Sam and Elzie MP3 MP3(LoFi); Beethoven's Favorite Waltz MP3 MP3(LoFi); Leather Britches MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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