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CD 310

Gerry Robichaud - fiddle, Chuck LeBlanc - piano, Art Richard - bass

Slope Road Jig, Golden Wedding Reel, Mother's Day Waltz, Sandra's Jig, Ottawa Valley Reel, Uncle Louie's Clog, Don Tremaine's Jig, Grand Valley Waltz, Rocket Richard's Reel, Prince County Jig, Centennial Waltz, Dickie Rogers, Peace River Jig, Daffodil Waltz, David's Jig, Twin Sisters

French Canadian Gerry Robichaud learned his fiddling in St. Paul, New Brunswick, where he was raised, from his mother and four other fiddlers in his immediate family. He was greatly influenced by Canadian fiddlers Don Messer and Tommy Doucet. He moved to the U.S. in 1955, and has been the dance fiddler at the French Club, Waltham, Massachusetts, for the past few decades. He was five times Massachusetts Federation Fiddle Champion, three times Northeast Regional champion, and placed in the top ten at the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest at Weiser, ID. Great fiddling by a master of Maritime Canadian dance fiddling! Recorded in Wellesley, Massachusetts, in 1973 by Mark Wilson and Frank Ferrel.

Sound Clip: Don Tremaine's Jig MP3, MP3(LoFi)

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CD 312

Grant Lamb - fiddle, Vivian Williams - piano, Dick Marvin, Gordon Tracie - guitar, Stan Guernsey - tenor banjo, Phil Williams - bass

Vivian's Polka, Webb's Hornpipe, Davy McDonald's Jig, George Neddery's Clog, Grant Lamb's Breakdown, Flatiron Jig, Gerrald's Favorite, Wilfred Hately's Waltz, Bruce Lamb's Jig, Darkie's Dream, Mountain Hornpipe, Bagot 2-Step, Phil's Clog, Durang's Hornpipe, Dry River Waltz, Johnny's Jig, Opera Reel, Elsmith 4-Step, Turkey in the Straw, French Minuet, Little Black Hen, Jack Cross Two Step, The Tarr Waltz, Rock Valley Jig, Three Legged Milk Stool, Waltz Quadrille, Reel in A, Bob Leader's Two Step, Norwegian Waltz, Atkins Polka No. 4

Grant Lamb was a farmer and old time dance fiddler from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. He was Manitoba fiddle champion in 1953, 1954, and 1955. We looked forward to his visits every winter for a few days of good tunes. On this recording he plays old time dance music from the Canadian Midwest, much of it learned from his family. He plays in a lively, driving style. This is a re-issue of his 1974 LP, recorded in Seattle in our studio, with ten additional tunes added from later recordings from our studio and elsewhere.

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CD 322

Louis Boudreault - fiddle & feet

Celina Reel, La Grande Gigue Simple, Le Cardeuse et Le Grand Triomphe, 2 Reels de Joseph Allard, Reel des Petits Poissons Lac Kenogami, La Contre Danse, Reel du Pendu, Brandy Reel, Le Batteux, La Gallope du Lac St. Jean, Reel d'Odile, La Disputeuse, Le Reel a Neuf, La Reel a Philibert, La Jartiere

Quebec's master fiddler Louis Boudreault performs French Canadian fiddle tunes, unaccompanied except for his complex pattern of foot tapping. Mr. Boudreault was well known as a master of this demanding style of fiddling. One of the most stunning French Canadian fiddle recordings ever made. Produced by Mike Seeger & Alice Gerrard.

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CD 331

Myllie Barron - fiddle, Vivian Williams - piano, Phil Williams - bass

Farewell to Erin, Vals Italiano, Buttermilk Mary Jig, Erie Hornpipe, Wood Lake Waltz, Angus Campbell, Myllie's Own Jig, Shannon Waltz, Bonnie Kate, Buckley's Reel, Tina's Schottische, Blanche's Reel, Orvetta Waltz, Village Hornpipe, Light & Airy Jig, Goodbye Sweetheart

Myllie Barron plays a blend of Scottish, Irish, French, and self-composed tunes that joyously takes you back to the pioneer days in Western Manitoba, where he was born and spent his youth. He performed in Manitoba and Saskatchewan at dances, shows, and on the radio in the 1930's. The old time fiddle sound created by this fine artist is dynamic and unique. He was the Manitoba Fiddle Champion in 1950, and the Senior Division Champion at the 1982 National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest in Weiser, Idaho - the first Canadian to win a division championship at this contest. In 2002, he performed a stunning entertainment set at this contest on his 92nd birthday! This recording was made in 1982, and originally released on a Voyager Lp long out of press. We are glad to have Myllie's fine fiddling available again on CD.

Sound Clips: Bonnie Kate MP3 MP3(LoFi) Orvetta Waltz MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 341

Joe Pancerzewski - fiddle, Mary Calvert and Vivian Williams - piano, Harold Buis and Dick Marvin - guitar, Phil Williams - bass

Barbara's Waltz, St. Adele's Reel, Celina Le Blanc, Butterfly Waltz, Rippling Water Jig, Cabri Waltz, Pembrooke Reel, Danny Flannigan's Clog, Silver Wedding Waltz, Grandfather's Reel, Burgundy Waltz, Walking Plow, Dreamer's Waltz, Turkey in the Cottonwoods, Carrick Jig, Fairy Waltz, Tulsa, Westerner's Waltz, Red River Cart Polka, Johnny Nelson's Favorite, Blue Vale Waltz, St. John's Hoedown, Quilting Bee Jig, Contessa Waltz, Original Canadian Hoedown, Marion's Waltz, Twinkletoes Polka, Woodchopper's Reel, Desire Waltz, Alfie's Hornpipe, Yours and Mine Waltz, Globetrotter's Jig, Early in the Evening, Rye Valley Waltz, Hell Before Breakfast, Vivian's Waltz

The late Joe Pancerzewski is considered by many to have been the Northwest's greatest old time Canadian-style fiddler. He grew up on the family homestead near White Earth, North Dakota, and learned to play from his neighbors, the Nelson Brothers. By age 12 he was riding out on horseback with them to play dances in schoolhouses around the region. He became a professional dance fiddler in the 1920's, first in Saskatchewan and later in Bellingham, Washington. In 1927 he went to work for the railroad, and in 1939 became an engineer and put his fiddle away. When he retired in 1970, he returned to fiddling and became a top show performer and winner of many fiddle contests throughout the U.S. and Canada. He is one of the greatest waltz fiddlers we have ever known. The tunes on this CD were selected from three of Joe's LP's recorded between 1972 and 1980.

Sound Clip: Barbara's Waltz MP3 MP3(LoFi); Fairy Waltz MP3 MP3(LoFi); Early in the Evening MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 352

Derek Booth - English concertina, melodeon; Liz Dreisbach - clarinet, sax, recorder, whistle; Phil Katz - melodeons; Arne Reinert - flute; Erin Shrader - fiddle; Pat Spaeth - piano.

Quindaro/St. Joseph's Reel; Old Joe's Jig/Kesh Jig; Round the Horn/Jackie Tar/Goodnight and Joy Be With You; Upton-on-Severn/Tripping Up Stairs; Bouchard's Hornpipe/Eggnog Reel; My Birthday Waltz; Bus Stop/Lady Anne Montgomery; The Sweets of May/Devlin's Jig/Seven Stars; Far From Home/Miss Thompson's Hornpipe/Owen's Reel; Belknap's March/Jimmy Garson's/Louise's Parlor; Dirty Newfoundlander/Cooley's Reel/Mate's Reel; Waltz: Ye Banks and Braes

Great contra dance music! From December 1980 through February 1994, Salmonberry produced and played for a contra dance on the second Saturday of every month in Seattle, Washington. The style of playing was inspired by several New Hampshire and Vermont musicians and bands, by the transplanted contra dance music evolved in the San Francisco Bay area, by several English regional traditions, and by the adaptation of Irish styles to contra dance playing. This CD was recorded live at the May 11, 1991 dance

Sound Clips: Bus Stop MP3 MP3(LoFi); The Sweets of May MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 365

Myllie Barron - fiddle, Vivian Williams - piano, Phil Williams - guitar, Ray Barron - bass & accordion

Riding on a Handcar, Great Eastern, Castle in the Air, Here and There, High Life Waltz, Victory Reel, Dusty Bob, Pigeon on a Gate, Rough Diamond Jig, Scandinavian Waltz, Humors of Boston, Laird of Drumblair/Peter Street, Belfast Jig/Boys of the Town, Red River Jig, Lisa Linn, My Brother's Letter, Minstrel Clog, Golden Eagle Hornpipe, Teardrop Waltz, Gaspe Reel, The Praties and Dug and the Frost is All Over, Sally Gardens, Canadian Blue Rock Polka, Devil's Dream/Money Musk/Miller's Reel, Sterling Castle, St. Patrick's Jig Medley, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Citadel Waltz

Lively Canadian-Irish-Scottish fiddling from this great Manitoba-born fiddler, recorded when he was 92 years young. Myllie was the 1950 Manitoba fiddle champion, and in 1982 won the Senior Championship at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Weiser, ID. He learned his tunes from fiddlers on the Canadian prairie and picked up a lot of tunes from well-known collections, such as Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes. He gives the tunes a personal touch that could never be depicted in a tune book! He is one of the best fiddlers we have ever met and we are delighted to release our second CD of his outstanding playing and great choice of tunes.

Sound Clips: Great Eastern MP3 MP3(LoFi); Red River Jig MP3 MP3(LoFi); Sterling Castle MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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