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CD 346

Jeff Anderson - fiddle; Stuart Williams - guitar; Ruby Anderson -dobro; Sandy Bradley - piano; Nancy Katz - bass; Phil Williams - mandolin and tenor banjo

Peter Kiefer's Vals, Wake Up Susan, Clarence Raymo's Waltz, Murray River Jig, The Little Norwegian Boy's Fiddle Vals, Fiddlers to the Fore, From Frisco to Cape Cod, Reinlendar Etter Ringnessen, Olaf Hanson's Vals, Old French Reel, Per the Blacksmith's Vals, Miss McLeod's Reel, Midsommer Vals, Sailor's Hornpipe, Mini Vals Fra Norge, Gärdebylåten, Solvik's Minnen, Petronella, Skunk Lake Waltz, The Iron Man, Saturday Waltz, Little Burnt Potato, Styrman's Vals, The Lindbergh Waltz

Fine fiddling in unique Norwegian-American and Celtic styles. Jeff Anderson is from Waterville, Washington, and has been playing for shows and dances for over thirty years. Both of his grandfathers were Norwegian style fiddlers from North Dakota, and he is carrying on the musical traditions of his family. One of the smoothest players anywhere!

Sound Clip: Solvik's Minnen MP3 MP3(LoFi); The Lindbergh Waltz MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 364

Jeff Anderson - fiddle & Hardanger fiddle, Jane Johnson - accordion, Karen Goettling, flute, John Rodius, guitar, Rand Simmons - bass, Laurie Walton, second fiddle, Jim Erlandson - guitar, Kathy Erlandson, second fiddle

Sølvbryllupsvalsen, Syvers Mazurka, Böl Olle-låten, Kalle Almlöf Snoa, Säbb Anders Vals, Druttjinkeils-leitjen Tune, No Name Schottis, 17th of Mai Polsen, Kyrklåt (Church tune), Storviksætra Waltz, Styggen på Låven Reinlender, Tankfulla låten, Vals from Valberg, A Finnish Polka, Pols, Mai Waltz, Kleivalanden Pariser Polka, Granåsen Hambopolska, Mummun Peli Schottis, Drevsjø Valsen, Lofotingen Reinlender, Wiggen Polka

Scandinavian dance music played by Jeff Anderson and his wife; Jane Johnson, with the Nordic Exposure Band and other musicians with whom they perform and play dances. Both of Jeff's grandparents were old time fiddlers of Norwegian heritage from North Dakota, and he plays in a uniquely sweet, smooth, and danceable style. Jane Johnson has been playing dances in the Puget Sound area for many years. They both can be found with their bands at many Scandinavian dances in the Pacific Northwest.

Sound Clips: A Finnish Polka MP3 MP3(LoFi); Pols MP3 MP3(LoFi); Drevsjø Valsen MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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Vivian Williams & Calum MacKinnon, fiddles; Laurie Andres, accordion; Terry Wergeland, piano; Phil Williams, guitar

Culcuttie Hornpipe/Within a Mile of Dublin/Petersburgh Reel, Set of Jigs, My Skiff is by the Shore, Lilling Polka, GilleCallum/Reel of Tulloch/Biodag air MacThomais. Jenny Bell Schottische, Jackson's Morning Brush/Maid on the Green, Duncan Davidson/Earl Grey/ Petronella/Duke of Perth/Brickwork Lasses, Whittel's Celebrated Clog/English Hornpipe,Bothwell Polka, The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow/Queen Victory Country Dance, Napoleon's Grand March, Glasgow Hornpipe/Dicky Gossip's Hornpipe, Auld Scotch Sangs

The John Neilson Music Book is a hand written violin manuscript written by a fiddler in Cullhill, Scotland, a coal mining town that no longer exists, to play dances from, dated 1875. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the dance music of the Victorian era in Scotland, as well as some great tunes that are as danceable today as when they were written down over 125 years ago. The manuscript contains and interesting mix of Traditional Scottish, English, and Irish tunes, as well as Continental ballroom music. This CD presents a sampling of these tunes, played by master dance musicians with decades of dance playing experience who are familiar with this music.

Sound Clips: Culcuttie Hornipe Medley MP3My Skiff is by the Shore MP3 sGille Callum Medley MP3

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Jeff Anderson, fiddle; Jane Anderson, accordon; Richard De Rosser, guitar and bass; Vivian Williams, harmony fiddle

The Burning Barrel Fiddle, Ved Stjordalselva Vals, Kalenderfynbo, Marj I Mars, C & G Schottis, Eric's Hambo, Klovsjo Brudmarsch, Mrs. Anderson's Wedding Waltz, Snurringen Mazurka, Ganglat efter Niklas Niklasson, At Sulhusgubba Reinlender, Sigurd's Polka, Valerie's Waltz, Rassel Ole, Ole's Vals, Siljan Ganglat, Sirkoijen Tanssi Schottis, Kvaeser Vals, Hamborger etter Torfinn Steindal & I Norstnesfjose Polka

Jeff and Jane Anderson have been playing Scandinavian tunes together since the day they met in 1999. They play traditional dance music for waltz, schottische, polka, mazurka, and other toe tapping rhythms. Self taught musicians, they were introduced to this music through family links. They have traveled to Scandinavia numerous times to learn from tradition bearers and to share their passion for this special music.

Sound Clips: Ved Stjordalselva Vals MP3spacerRassel Olle MP3 spacerSiljan Ganglat MP3

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