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CD 302

Fred McFalls - guitar, banjo, vocals; Ben Bryson - mandolin, vocals; Paul Wiley - banjo, vocals; The Mills Family - Lulla Bell, Don, Grady - guitar, vocals; Henry Vanoy - banjo, fiddle; Roy Caudill - banjo; Ellis Cowan - fiddle; Bill Pruett - guitar

Comin' Round the Mountain, I'll Live in Glory, Tom Dooley, Pretty Polly, Johnson Boys (fiddle), You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Valley, John Henry, Old Coon Dog, The Drunken Driver, Cumberland Gap (Wiley), What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul, Cindy, There's a Light at the River, Lost Indian, You Are My Sunshine, Sail Away Ladies, I Can Tell You Now the Time, Shortnin' Bread, Paul and Silas, Cripple Creek, Big Stone Gap, Just One Way to the Pearly Gates, Chicken Reel, Down in the Willow Garden, Soldiers Joy, Lonely Tombs, Eight More Miles to Louisville, Cumberland Gap (Caudill & Vanoy), Some Forty Years Ago, Cotton Eyed Joe, Where Did You Get Those Pretty Little Shoes, Lonesome Road Blues, Springtime in Heaven, Johnson Boys (banjo)

The selections on this CD were recorded in Western Washington in the 1960s by traditional musicians who had moved to the area from the South and the Ozarks. Twenty of the selections were released by us on an Lp record in 1969. Most of the musicians came from around Silva, North Carolina, after WWII to work in the timber industry around Darrington, Washington. Some of the selections are field recordings made in the musician's homes; others are from home recordings the musicians made of each other; some come from concerts we helped present in Seattle in the 1960s. This music was played at school houses, churches, community halls, picnics, and in living rooms in the 1960s simply as a part of the life of the community. Most of this music has now disappeared from the local scene, though Darrington hosts a popular annual bluegrass festival. These are the musicians we (Phil and Vivian) played with and learned from in the early 1960s, and we are glad to be able to release this CD glimpse into an important musician heritage of our region.

Sound Clips: Cumberland Gap (Caudill & Vanoy) MP3 MP3(LoFi); There's a Light at the River MP3 MP3(LoFi); Big Stone Gap MP3 MP3(LoFi); You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Valley MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 303

Clayton McMichen - fiddle, Lowe Stokes - fiddle, Fate Norris - banjo, Riley Puckett - guitar

This is the famous skit recorded between 1927 and 1930 by the best known of the early Southern string bands. These originally were issued on seven 78 rpm records, and, at that time, were about the most popular country item on the market, selling over 1 million copies. The skit is about moonshining in North Georgia during Prohibition. In addition to the humor - which ranges from pretty funny to pretty stilted - there are about 40 brief music selections, which include some great fiddling by Lowe Stokes and Clayton McMichen, and some little known tunes. One of the classics of old time music. Digitally remastered and assembled as a continuous skit.

Sound Clip: Rye Whiskey MP3, MP3(LoFi)

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CD 328

Kenny Hall - fiddle and mandolin, Marta Hall, bodhran; John Greene, guitar; and Terry Barrett, mandolin and fiddle.

Prettiest Girl in the Country-O, Helena Polka, Guinness on a Saucer, Ladies Quadrille, What You Gonna Do With The Baby, Happy Heiney, Who Broke the Lock/Hen Cackle, Forty-nine Quadrille, Shortenin' Bread, Cottonwood Reel, Old Pal of Yesterday, Peter Piper, Rattlesnake Bit the Baby, Mexican Polka, The Three Jigs, The Gamblers

Kenny Hall is one of the finest performers of old time music in the United States. He is noted for his masterful mandolin playing, fine fiddling, incredible repertoire of songs and tunes, and his rich and unique sense of style. Mr. Hall lives in Fresno, CA, and has been a major influence on old time music in the West. Many of today's players of this style in the West first heard it from Kenny Hall. Kenny wanted a real "live" sound, so this was recorded in the Williams' dining room in Seattle, with all the furniture and carpets removed, by Dave Huber (Modern Recording Techniques), the way Kenny wanted it to sound!

Sound Clips: Rattlesnake Bit The Baby MP3; The Three Jigs MP3

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CD 344

Howard Marshall - fiddle , John Williams - fiddle, Arkansas Red - guitar, melodeon, & banjo

Evansville Missouri, Ragtime Annie, Stars and Stripes Waltz, Granny Will Your Dog Bite, Hooker's Hornpipe, Grey Eagle, Burt County Breakdown, Haste to the Wedding, Middle Grove, Fiddler's Hoedown, Thunderbolt Hornpipe, Wilson's Clog, Sugar in the Gourd, Tiehacker Hoedown, Soldier's Joy, Goodnight Waltz, Red Wing, Pretty Polly, Old Dubuque, Waltz of Erin, Hal Scott's Special, Fisher's Hornpipe/Coming Down from Denver, Talk to Dinah, Oak Ridge Stomp, Bonaparte's Retreat, Carroll County Blues, Flowers of Edinburgh, Art Galbraith's Peekaboo Waltz, Oklahoma Red Bird, Hell Amongst the Yearlings, Over the Waves, Happy Jack, Marmaduke's Hornpipe, Muddy Road to Moberly

Traditional tunes from the "Little Dixie" area, the mother lode of Missouri fiddling, played by master fiddlers from this region, Howard "Rusty" Marshall and John Williams. Some of the tunes are familiar to many fiddlers, though the style in which they are played may not be so familiar. Other tunes are unique to this region. All are played very well with traditional backup by Arkansas Red. Outstanding tunes! Outstanding playing!

Sound Clip: Granny Will Your Dog Bite MP3 MP3(LoFi); Tiehacker Hoedown MP3 MP3LoFi); Oak Ridge Stomp MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 349

Lee Stripling - fiddle & vocals, W. B. Reid - guitar & vocals, Tony Mates - Bass, Kerry Blech - Mandolin, Glenn Dudley - Plectrum Banjo

Rye Straw, Wang Wang Blues, Hogs Picking Up Acorns/Mayflower, I Told Them All About You, Big Four, Limehouse Blues, That's How Much I Love You, Whiskers, Black Eyed Susie, The Wednesday Night Waltz, Clarinet Polka, Washington & Lee Swing/Twinkle Twinkle, Possum Hollow, Flaming Mamie, Somebody Else is Taking My Place, Horseshoe Bend, Soldier's Joy/Raggedy Ann/Chicken Reel, Leather Britches, Lost John, Old Fashioned Love, 40 Years Ago Waltz, Who's Sorry Now, I Only Want A Buddy Not A Sweetheart, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Pallet On The Floor, California Blues, Devil's Dream, Down On The L & N, Ain't Misbehaving, Heel Fly, Get Off Your Money, Wolves A-Howling, The Waltz You Saved For Me

Lee Stripling grew up in a musical family in Kennedy, Alabama. His dad and uncle, Charlie & Ira, recorded in the '20s and '30s as The Stripling Brothers. Lee's repertoire ranges from his dad's tunes to western swing music and sweet pop songs of the Depression and Wartime years, to tunes learned recently from younger fiddlers. Sweet fiddling, sweet songs.

Sound Clips: Wang Wang Blues MP3 MP3(LoFi); That's How Much I Love You MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 353

Leroy Canaday - fiddle; Norman Canaday - guitar; Howard Marshall - banjo, fiddle; Forrest Rose - bass

Leather Britches, Old Dan Tucker, Black Mountain Rag, Betty's Waltz, Grey Eagle, Ozark Mountain Waltz, Whistling Rufus, Amazing Grace/Old Rugged Cross/What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Arkansas Traveler, Cook's Waltz, Sally Gooden, Ragtime Annie, Fishers Hornpipe, Old Hen Cackle, Devil's Dream, Listen to the Mocking Bird, Dragging the Bow, Red Fox Waltz, Rachel, Wednesday Night Waltz, Old Time 8th of January, Buffalo Gals, Black Foot Waltz, Cowboy Waltz, San Antonio Rose, Morning Glory Waltz, Fire on the Mountain, Make Me a Pallet, Orange Blossom Special, No Place Like Home

Leroy Canaday is a traditional Missouri "Little Dixie" style fiddler whose experience totals some 60 years of playing for dances, fiddlers' contests, festivals, school programs, oprys, radio, and other venues. He was Missouri fiddle champion in 1961, and his specialty is red hot versions of the famous old exhibition tunes. Mr. Canaday is accompanied by some of the "Little Dixie" region's best backup musicians on this production. This is hot, traditional Missouri fiddling by a master fiddler in this style, recorded live. There are extensive liner notes by Howard "Rusty" Marshall. Leroy Canaday is the complete Missouri fiddler.

Sound Clips: Betty's Waltz MP3 MP3(LoFi); Arkansas Traveler MP3 MP3(LoFi); Old Hen Cackle MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 357

Billy Lee - fiddle, Phil Peters - guitar, Vera Blum - bass, Howard Marshall - banjo

Hollow Poplar, I'll Always Be in Love with You, Up Jumped the Devil, The Butterfly Waltz, Lady of the Lake, After the Ball, Walking in My Sleep, Missouri Waltz, Put Your Little Foot, Red Apple Rag, Du Bist Verrückt Mein Kind, Goodnight Waltz, Carroll County Blues, Lisa Lynn Waltz, Du, Du, Leigst Mir Im Herzen, Peacock Rag, Katy Hill, Fiddler's Dream, Johnson's Old Grey Mule, Peekaboo Waltz, The Old Spinning Wheel, In the Garden, Fire on the Mountain, Sweet Bunch of Daisies, Florida Blues, Over the Waves, Sugar Tree Stomp, Lonesome Indian, Lauterbach Waltz

Billy Lee is a legend in Missouri fiddling, both as a dance fiddler and and entertainer. His family has been in America since 1680, and in Missouri since 1841. His fiddling reflects the German and English traditions of his family. Billy Lee came from a fiddling family and he has been playing since childhood. He plays the old hoedowns for square dancing, the show tunes from the old Grand Ole Opry days, and plays good bluegrass fiddle. He is well known for his fine entertainment in the dance halls and jam sessions in eastern Missouri. John Hartford credited Billy Lee as being one of his main inspirations to take up the fiddle. Recorded live in Mr. Lee's living room with full band backup on guitar, banjo, and bass, it's "toe tappin' good!"

Sound Clips: Up Jumped the Devil MP3 MP3(LoFi); Du Bist Verruckt Mein Kind MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 366 (2CD Set)

Pete McMahan - fiddle, Fred Stoneking - guitar, Joe Stevens - guitar, Jack Deck - banjo, Charlie Brattin - guitar, Pete Brattin - bass

Grey Eagle, Leather Britches, Waltz of Shannon, Sarah's Reel, Tom & Jerry, Clark's Waltz, Katy Hill, Sally Goodin, Cook Waltz, Tennessee Rag, Dance Around Molly, Sweet Bunch of Daisies, Bill Cheatum, Rachel, Forked Deer, Last Waltz, Lightning Hornpipe, Fiddler's Dream, Gold Rush, Woodchopper's Breakdown, Flowers from Heaven, Reuben's Ridge, Fiddler's Hoedown, Adrian's Reel, Echoes of the Ozarks, Sugar in the Gourd, Over the Waves, Morris Hornpipe, Fiddler's Shuffle, Bitter Creek, Martin's Waltz, Jack of Diamonds, Sally Johnson, "A" Waltz, Kansas City Rag, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Bradley's Hoedown, Fiddler's Waltz, Talk to Dinah, Eighth of January, Salt River, Missouri Waltz, Pretty Polly, Angus Campbell, Soldier's Joy, Ragtime Annie, Virginia Darling, Capri Waltz, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Walking in my Sleep

This 2-CD set is a reissue of the four Lp recordings made in the 1970's by legendary Missouri fiddler Pete McMahan. Mr. McMahan, from Harrisburg, Missouri, was born in 1918 and died in 2000. He developed a personal fiddle style that firmly echoes the Missouri fiddle tradition, and became a role model and teacher, both formally and informally, for a generation of young fiddlers. His fiddling influenced, and continues to influence, fiddlers from Missouri to the Pacific Northwest as well as elsewhere. He played in a clean style, paying close attention to the demands of the tune for phrasing and styling, and applied his own sense of styling to develop many well known, as well as obscure, fiddle tunes into examples of the best of the art of fiddling. While Pete did enter and win many fiddle contest, he is not a "contest" style fiddler, but rather one whose fiddling and interpretation of the tunes is so good that he was admired and respected by fiddlers from other traditions. Packaged in a standard thickness CD jewel box holding two CDs, with a twenty page booklet about Mr. McMahan's fiddling career and many photos, and a discography and listing of articles about him on the inside of the tray card. This set of two CDs is $25.00, postpaid in the U.S.

Sound Clips: Bill Cheatum MP3 MP3(LoFi); Lightning Hornpipe MP3 MP3(LoFi); Fiddler's Hoedown MP3 MP3(LoFi); "A" Waltz MP3 MP3(LoFi); Pretty Polly MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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Allen Hart, banjos; Clif Ervin, bones (on four selections)

Davenport, Marching Through Georgia, Chilly Winds, The Coo Coo Bird, Will Davenport's Tune, "...Now Folks, I'm Going to Give You The Genteel," Tilden, Cleveland's March to the White House, Peach Bottom Creek, Pretty Polly, Coal Creek March, Holly Ding, Last Chance, Alabama Gals, Schottische Time, Altamont, The Coo Coo Bird, Josh Thomas's Roustabout, French Waltz, Goodbye Old Booze

Allen's dynamic and sensitive playing truly brings out the charm of the unaccompanied five string banjo and many of the styles in which it has been played over the past 150 or so years. The banjo became widely popular in America and Europe, and was a principal entertainment and dance instrument throughout the 19th century. It is to this day in the South and among banjo aficionados elsewhere. Except among those in the know, the tunes and playing styles that made the banjo so popular are not heard much today by the general public. This recording by Allen illustrates very well why the banjo was so well regarded in popular culture in past times, and deserves this recognition today. He grew up with banjo music, and started learning it from his father at an early age. In over 35 years of playing he has learned many great tunes in different playing styles from many well regarded traditional players. On this recording he uses several banjos, each with its own sound and playing characteristics, and each suiting well the tunes played on it. These include his 1904 Fairbanks #7 Whyte Ladie; an 1890s nylon strung Cole's Eclipse; a 20 pound Okie Adams; and a replica of an 1845 Boucher fretless banjo, presently in the Smithsonian collection, which he makes for present day really "old time" players. On four of the selections, Allen is accompanied by Clif Ervin, the "Ambassador of the Bones," who grew up in East Texas in the 1930s and started accompanying local banjo players on bones when he was seven years old. He is still providing great rhythm to old time banjo players today, on real "bones" he makes himself! While Allen is true to the traditions of old time banjo playing, this recording is far from being an "academic" recital of banjo traditions - it lends itself well to being played and enjoyed over and over again! It will give banjo players additional insights into the potential of the instrument and entertain those who have not yet brought the banjo into their lives. Allen, along with Clif, truly shows why the banjo became an entertainment mainstay in America and around the world.

Sound Clips: Chilly Winds MP3 MP3(LoFi); Alabama Gals MP3 MP3(LoFi); Josh Thomas's Roustabout MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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John White, fiddle, with the Nine Mile Band: Amber Gaddy, accordion, piano; Jim Ruth, banjo; David Cavins; guitar, and Kenny Applebee, guitar; Musial Wolfe, piano; Kathy Gordon, bass, and Howard Marshall, banjo

Nine Miles, Dry and Dusty, Old Man and Old Woman, Mississippi Sawyer, Hogs in the Tater Patch, New Five Cent Piece, Silver & Gold Two Step, Devil Ate a Groundhog, Peek-a-boo Waltz, Natchez Under the Hill, Soldier's Joy, Arkansas Traveler, That's My Rabbit My Dog Caught It, Black Eyed Susan, Hi-Lo Schottische, White Man, Old Mother Flanagan, Fisher's Hornpipe, Sugar in the Gourd, Mouse in the Cupboard, Evansville, Little Foot Waltz, My Love is But a Lassie-O, Splish Splash, Little Rabbit, Be Nobody's Darling But Mine, Turkey in the Straw, Possum Hunter's Blues

Master old time square dance fiddler John White comes from a fiddling family in north-central Missouri. His fiddle playing style developed while playing for square dances in Shelby, Macon, Linn and Monroe counties, and his favorite fiddling venue is still the community square dances he and his wife, Betty, sponsor in Hallsville. John has been a master fiddle teacher in the Missouri Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program and is a regular member of the staff at the summer fiddle camp in Bethel. On this CD he is backed up on some selections by the Nine Mile Band, a square and contra dance band that includes piano accordion, guitar, and clawhammer banjo. On the rest of the tunes he is backed up by guitar, piano, bass, and old time Missouri style five string banjo. This is contemporary old time Missouri dance fiddling played by a great Missouri fiddler with experienced Missouri old time dance musicians. Toe tapping fiddling and dance music the way it used to be, and still is, if you know where to find it! You'll find it here!

Sound Clips: White Man MP3(HiFi) MP3(LoFi)Splish Splash MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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cover cd376


Travis Inman, fiddle; Charlie Walden, guitar; Patt Plunkett, piano

Angus Campbell, Rosebuds of Avamore, Swerngin's Hornpipe, St. Anne's Reel, I'll Be All Smiles Tonight, Sweet Georgia Brown, Lead Out, Eva Anne's Waltz, Red Apple Rag, Over the Waves, Jumping the Strings, Hooker's Hornpipe, Peacock Rag, Back in Old Arkansas, Rachel, Sugar Tree Stomp, White Rose, Grey Eagle, Paddy on the Turnpike, Cowboy Waltz, Charmaine, Turkey in the Straw, Wednesday Night Waltz, Woodchopper's Reel, What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Travis Iman is eleven time Missouri State Fiddle Champion, and his fiddling is deeply grounded in his Missouri roots. He represents a transition between the dance dominated fiddle traditions of earlier years and more contest and performance oriented traditions of today. Travis has embraced elements of these influences to create a sound that's deeply traditional, surprisingly contemporary, and uniquely his own. This CD is an excellent representation of his powerful, articulate fiddling, with expert accomaniment by Charlie Walden on guitar and Patt Plunkeet on piano. A truly exceptional contemporary traditional production by a trio of great players.

Sound Clips: Grey Eagle MP3 MP3(LoFi)White Rose MP3 MP3(LoFi)Charmaine MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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Cliff Bryan , fiddle; Jim Nelson, guitar

John Mullins' Tune , Arkansas Traveler, Cherokee Wagner, Walking in my Sleep, Peek-a-Boo Waltz, Chickens Under the BackPorch, Chinquapin, Collins Two-Step, Dry and Dusty, Kiss Me Waltz, Eighth of January, Buffalo Gals, Forked Deer, Hard Road To Travel, Ragtime Annie, Johnny the Blacksmith, Durang's Hornpipe, KC Stomp, New Five Cent Piece, Why Don't You Go To Heaven Uncle Joe, Rachel, Grey Eagle, Wednesday Night Waltz, Billy in the Lowground, Soldier's Joy, Crying Baby St. Anne's Reel, Stone's Rag, Black-Eyed Susie, Stony Point, Tennessee Wagoner, Got a Little Home To Go To

Cliff Bryan, from West Plains, Missouri, was born in 1927, and first learned to play from local fiddlers. His diverse repertory also includes tunes learned from fiddlers heard on the radio and on records. Cliff has played for square dances around West Plains and has participated in the Old-Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival since it started in 1995. He became involved with Missouri Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program and has passed many of his unique tunes to a new generation of Ozark fiddlers. Most importantly, though, Cliff continues to play every week with a group of his musical friends in West Plains. This CD contains a sampling of material that one is likely to hear Cliff play at one of these picking parties. Though many of the tunes may be familiar to you, his interpretation well may be different from other fiddlers you have heard.

Sound Clips: John Mullins' Tune MP3Cherokee Wagoner MP3 sGot a Little Home To Go To MP3

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