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CD 345

Benny Thomasson - fiddle, Jerry Thomasson - tenor guitar, Dudley Hill - guitar, David Johns - guitar, and others

Bush in the Shucks, Fourteen Days in Georgia, Steeley's Rag, Garfield March, Polk County Breakdown, Cuckoo's Nest, Lost Indian, Old Apple Blossom, Red Apple Rag, Scolding Wife, Kanawha March, Sally Goodin, Billy in the Lowground, Dixie, Scotch No. 2, Laughing Boy, Darkie's Dream, Wild John, Rose Waltz, Ragtime Annie, Dusty Miller, Shucking the Bush, Tugboat, Tom & Jerry, Bonnie Kate, Mother's Reel, Midnight on the Water, Old Bell Cow, Herman's Rag, Irish Medley: Speed the Plough/Miss Monahan's/ Temperance Reel, Lime Rock, Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle

Great performances by the king of the Texas fiddle, recorded in the 1970's by Phil Williams in Voyager's facilities, at concerts, and at jam sessions. Benny plays a wide variety of tunes on this recording, including Irish reels and hornpipes, tunes in cross tuning, old time tunes learned from his father, as well as the "Texas" style tunes for which he is famous. The tunes for this CD were selected for performance quality and uniqueness by Pete Martin and Vivian Williams from many hours of recordings of Benny in the Voyager archives.

Sound Clip: Wild John MP3 MP3(LoFi); Old Bell Cow MP3 MP3(LoFi)

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CD 363

Gary Lee Moore - fiddle, Pete Martin - guitar, Rich Levine - guitar, Lee Roy Jackson - tenor guitar, Chester Butterworth - tenor banjo

Uncle Pig, 49 Cats in a Rain Barrel, Birdy, Shortenin' Bread, Everybody to the Puncheon, Rat Cheeze, Bill Cheatum, Steeley's Rag, New Broom, Rose of My Heart, The Little Forked Deer, Kill 'Em, Fort Smith, Acorn Hill Breakdown, Rose of Sharon, Luther Lively, Hell Among the Yearlin's, Redskin Rag, Whoa Mule, Can't Get the Damn Saddle On, George Booker, Paddy Won't Ya Drink Some Good Old Cider, Too Old to Dream, Soppin' the Gravy, Honey Boy, Jenny on the Railroad, The Old Grey Mare Come a 'Chargin' Out the Wilderness, 14 Days in Georgia

Great Oklahoma/Texas style fiddling from a true master! Gary Lee came from a fiddling family in Oklahoma. Among his heroes were Orville Burns, Benny Thomasson, and Clark Kessinger, and their influence shows in the liveliness, humor, and expressiveness of his fiddling. Gary Lee is a fiddle legend in the West!

Sound Clips: Uncle Pig MP3 MP3(LoFi); Rose of My Heart MP3 MP3(LoFi); Redskin Rag MP3 MP3(LoFi)

Liner Notes What the Reviewers Say How the Recording Was Made

In addition to the releases listed above, significant Texas/Oklahoma style fiddling can be found on CD301: Fiddle Jam Sessions, and on CD317 :Dudley Hill From a Northern Family.

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