Tune Books - Books of tunes in standard music notation for fiddle and mandolin. These include the "Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tune" series of three books of tunes written by fiddlers in the later part of the 20th century, "Pleasures of Home," a book set from a notebook of tunes played in jam sessions in a barber shop in Minot, N.D. in the 1930s, "The Peter Beemer Manuscript," a historically important book of 124 tunes collected in a hand written manuscript for the dance band in the mining camp of Warren's Diggins, Idaho, in the 1860s, "The Haynes Family Manuscript," a book of 65 19th century dance tune from a pioneer manuscript from the Williamette Valley, OR, "The John Neilson Music Book," a music manuscript writtn out by a fiddler in Cuilhill, Scotland, to play for dances ad local entertainments, "The Aurora Violin Manuscripts," 169 tunes from the quadrille band manuscripts of 19th century Aurora, Oregon, "Now That's A Good Tune," the major book on Missouri fiddling with two CDs.

Workshop Materials - For many years we (Phil & Vivian) have been teaching fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and bass at fiddle camps and workshops. Here we include material that we use in these workshops and wish to make available to participants prior to the workshop.

Voyager Recordings & Publications

Instruction Materials, Tune Books, Articles

Repertoire Builder Series - This is a series of packets or tunes for fiddle and/or mandolin to facilitate learning and adding tunes to your repertoire. Each packet covers a type or tune and/or level of playing ability. In the packet are the tunes in standard music notation, chord charts, and a CD of all the tunes, usually with the lead instrument on the left channel, and the accompaniment on the right channel. The music and chord charts are on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper, punched for a three hole binder. The CD is in a paper sleeve, also punched for the binder. The materials are packaged in a plastic zip sealing bag.
Recording Techniques - How each of our CDs was recorded, equipment used, recording setup, and related information, and information about Professional Microphone Techniques, a book authored by David Miles Huber and Philip L. Williams, published by Mix Magazine, that shows methods for miking almost any instrument.







Fiddle Seconding Missouri Style DVD - Fiddle seconding is one fiddler playing rhythmic chording to back up a fiddler playing lead. This is a very old accompaniment technique, though it is seldom seen today. On this DVD, Dr. Howard Marshall plays the seconding fiddle and explains how it is done, and Vivian Williams plays lead fiddle. The insert with the DVD contains diagrams of the fiddle chords used..
Articles - A wide range of articles of interest to fiddlers and oldtime musicians.