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Quantity COMPACT DISCS($15.00 each)

_______CD 301 Fiddle Jam Sessions
_______CD 302Comin' Round the Mountain
_______CD 303 Gid Tanner: Corn Licker Still
_______CD 310 Gerry Robichaud: Down East Fiddling
_______CD 312 Grant Lamb: Manitoba Fiddler
_______CD 314 Neil Johnston: Mixed Bag
_______CD 316 Lamb, Williams: Twin Sisters
_______CD 322 Louis Boudreault
_______CD 323 Fiddler: Vivian Williams
_______CD 325 Marc Savoy : Made in Louisiana
_______CD 328 Kenny Hall
_______CD 331 Myllie Barron: Fiddler On The Loose
_______CD 333 Spaeth & Williams: Starry Nights
_______CD 334 Bob Simmons: Remembering
_______CD 336 Williams, Bray: Winter Moon

_______CD 341 Joe Pancerzewski: Northwest Fiddler
_______CD 344 Fiddling Missouri: Marshall &Williams
_______CD 345 Benny Thomasson: Say Old Man
_______CD 346 Jeff Anderson: Family Tradition
_______CD 347 Vivian & Phil Williams: Live!
_______CD 348 The Fossils: The Fossil Record
_______CD 349 Lee Stripling: Hogs Picking Up Acorns
_______CD 350 Williams: Dance Music of the Oregon Trail
_______CD 352 Salmonberry: New England Contra Dance

_______CD 353 Leroy Canaday: Old Dan Tucker
_______CD 356 Gil Kiesecker: Dance Fiddler
_______CD 357 Billy Lee: Up Jumped The Devil
_______CD 358 Fiddle Tunes of the Lewis & Clark Era
_______CD 359 Williams & Bray: Bluegrass Hoedown
_______CD 360 Gil Kiesecker: Blue Mountain Memories
_______CD 361 Floyd Engstrom: Kitsap County Fiddler
_______CD 362 Carthy Sisco: Rugged Road
_______CD 363 Gary Lee Moore: Uncle Pig
_______CD 364 Jeff Anderson & Jane Johnson: Nordic Spirit
_______CD 365 Myllie Barron: Riding on a Handcar
_______CD 367 Tenino Old Time Music Festival
_______CD 368 Allen Hart: Old Time Banjo
_______CD 371 Phil & Vivian Williams: Pioneer Dance Music of the Far West
_______CD 372 John White: Nine Miles of Dry & Dusty
_______CD 373 Vivian & Phil Williams: Fiddling Down the Oregon Trail
_______CD 374 Tunes From the Peter Beemer Manuscript
_______CD 375s Tunes From the Haynes Family Manuscript
_______CD 376s Travis Inman: Missouri Fiddler
_______CD 378s Cliff Bryan: Got a Little Home to Go To
_______CD 380s Tunes from the John Neilson Music Book
_______CD 382s Jeff & Jane Anderson: The Burning Barrel Fiddle
_______LD 9710 Rick Ruskin & Vivian Williams: Gospel

2-CD Sets ($25.00 each)

_______CD 366 Pete McMahan: 50 Old-Time Gems
_______CD 383 Tunes from the Aurora Violin Manuscripts


_______DVD 1001Fiddle Seconding Missouri Style ($10.00)


______151 Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes Vol. 1 ($10.00)
______141 Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes Vol. 2 ($10.00)
______169 Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes Vol. 3 ($10.00)
______ Pleasures of Home ($10.00)
______ Now That's a Good Tune (book with 2 CDs) ($30.00)

______ The Peter Beemer Manuscript ($20.00)
______ The Haynes Family Manuscript ($20.00)
______ Song and Dances of the Oregon Trail ($25.00)
______The Aurora Violin Manuscripts ($25.00)

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