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Vivian & Phil Williams - "Carrying on the Music Traditions of the Pacific Northwest" - A Web brochure about us, with biographies, performances and shows, appearances, teaching, over the past fifty years of fiddling, playing in traditional music, bluegrass, and square, contra, and ballroom dance bands, some of the venues and events where we have performed, and reviews and press comments.

Historical Music Presentations - For the past several years we have been presenting live programs featuring the history of fiddling in the Pacific Northwest. These are well researched by Vivian, our historian as well as a champion fiddler, and, by and large, incorporate the music we grew up playing and dancing to in the Puget Sound region. These programs have been presented under the auspices of arts and humanities commissions, historical societies, folklore societies, the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, museums, arts theaters, schools and colleges, etc., and have attracted large audiences and interest over the years. Programs currently being presented include Fiddle Tunes of the Lewis & Clark Era, Fiddling Down the Oregon Trail, Pioneer Dance Tunes of the Far West, and Tunes from the Peter Beemer and Haynes Family Manuscripts. Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph for more detailed information about these programs.

Chassez Ballroom Dance Ensemble - We have an outstanding ballroom dance ensemble speciallizing in the dance music and dances of the past 300 years to modern times. This ensemble performs for regular ballroom dances, Victorian era costume balls, Civil War balls, as well as contra and square dances. It features Vivian Williams, violin; Terry Wergeland, piano and accordion, and Phil Williams, guitar. All are very experienced dance players, playing acoustic instruments at sane sound levels, and matching the music to the dance being done.

Voyager History - The history of Voyager Recordings & Publications.

CDs of Our Playing - A catalog of only the CDs featuring us.

Our YouTube Videos - Over 100 videos of several fiddlers we have known, and some of our performances. To access these go to YouTube section. Videos of the concert on tunes we learned from Pacific Northwest Fiddlers which we performed at the 2011 Portland Old Time Gathering can be found on the YouTube web site by searching it for "Portland Old Time Gathering Vivian Williams"

Tunes Recorded on CD and Books Written or Produced by Vivian & Phil Williams - As of November, 2014, Vivian has 303 fiddle tunes recorded and currently available on CD. Vivian and Phil have in press nine books of fiddle tunes, ranging from fiddle tunes for mandolin to the only manuscripts so far found and published from which bands actually played dances in the Pioneer West.

MP3 Files of tunes from jam sessions at the Williams home, Seattle, Washington

High Resolution Copy of the Vivian and Phil Photo, Above - Click on this link to open a high resolution of the above photo suitable for publication, taken by Irene Young, who should be credited with the photo. Note that this photo is fairly large. To save it to your compute, right click on the image and chose "Save" from the pop-up menu.